Liposuction: When It Is (and Isn’t) a Good Fit

Posted by Dr. Patrick Proffer on October 6, 2020

As many people have been stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, gaining weight has become a serious frustration. While exercise and dieting can help you shed pounds, sometimes, it’s not enough. You can still find yourself with unwanted rolls and folds.

Fortunately, there are treatment options available, something that can dramatically slim your waistline, tummy, back, glutes, and thighs. Liposuction can help you take back your body and your confidence.

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But, liposuction isn’t for everyone. If you’re interested in investing in a treatment for your body, mind, and soul, read on to learn when liposuction is—and isn’t—a good fit.

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes excess fat deposits from the abdomen, buttocks, back, face, arms, breasts, hips, legs and neck. What’s more, liposuction requires only tiny incisions, which will result in smaller scars.

The goal of liposuction is to improve your appearance by contouring your body, addressing those hard-to-tone areas and helping to improve your quality of life. Because of its potentially permanent results, it’s become one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the nation. In 2019 alone, 265,209 liposuction procedures were performed, a 3 percent rise over 2018. Neck lifts including neck contouring, which uses liposuction in a new way, have also become more popular.

Liposuction is not a treatment for cellulite. It’s also not a weight-loss procedure. It is designed to remove pockets of fat to slim down your body.


When Liposuction Is a Good Fit

If you are bothered by the shape or size of a particular body part, it may cause you to feel frustrated and hopeless. You may be concerned that you’re not living your best life because you’re self-conscious about the way you look. 

This can make liposuction a worthwhile investment for your life. Not only does it improve the way you look, but it also improves your self confidence.

Other signs that you’re an ideal candidate for liposuction include:

  • You are within 30 percent of your ideal body weight
  • Your weight is stable
  • You have firm, elastic skin that can shrink following the procedure
  • You have good muscle tone
  • You have localized deposits of resistant fat on your body
  • You’re not looking to completely change your shape
  • You have specific body contouring goals that will make you feel better about yourself
  • You have a positive outlook and realistic expectations for the results
  • You don’t smoke
  • You haven’t had success using non-surgical alternatives such as diet and exercise to rid your body of excess fat
  • You can afford the cost of a cosmetic surgical procedure

When Liposuction Is Not a Good Fit

While many people can achieve great results with liposuction, it isn’t ideal for everyone. In certain situations, liposuction won’t provide full benefits.

Your doctor may decide you are not a good a candidate for liposuction if:

  • You want to use it rid your body of cellulite, not fat
  • You are overweight or obese and you’re looking for a weight-loss option
  • You have chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes or circulatory problems
  • You have a severe illness or infection that could impair healing
  • Your skin has poor elasticity
  • You are overly concerned about complications from the procedure
  • You can’t afford the cost of a cosmetic surgical procedure

Is Liposuction Right for You?

Liposuction is one of the best ways to permanently remove stubborn fat. It can be performed on almost any part of the body where additional contouring is needed, especially to improve your self-esteem and to enhance your quality of life.


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