4 Beauty Procedures You Can Have Done On Your Lunch Break

Posted by Dr. Patrick Proffer on September 5, 2017

woman-facial-mask-the-spa-at-profferIt can be a real challenge to fit in personal time for beauty treatments. Most people don't have the time to spend hours at the spa. Fortunately, there are beauty treatments that don't take up too much of your time — some treatments would only cost you a lunch hour.

Facial Peels

As skin ages, you might notice a dull appearance along with a rough texture. Facial peels are one way to revitalize the face. One option is the micropeel, which involves a three-step process that includes dermaplaning, chemical exfoliation, and cryogenic therapy. This process helps smooth the skin while removing the dull top layer. What’s left is bright, youthful skin that leaves you feeling rejuvenated.


A facial is another option for revitalizing your complexion. There are several options. One option is the Advance Anti-Aging Facial, which treats fine lines and uneven skin tone. The Detox/Deep Pore Treatment offers a gentle exfoliation — perfect for combination and oily skin. The Oxygenating Trio is a combination of antioxidants, botanicals, and enzymes that help increase circulation, pull out toxins, and bring oxygen to the skin for a radiant face. (Note: The Spa at Proffer Surgical suggests the Oxygenating Trio over other facials for those seeking immediate results.)

Eyelash Extensions

Full, lush eyelashes are a spectacular frame for any pair of eyes. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with such lashes. Eyelash extensions are one way to gain those envious lashes. You can go for a full set of extensions or choose lesser fills, depending on the look you want.

Laser Hair Removal

Many people experience unwanted hair. Laser hair removal can minimize and eliminate those unwanted patches. The esthetician uses a medical laser to heat up the hair follicles, which damages the roots of the hair. With multiple treatments, those follicles will no longer grow hair. Treatments are available for all parts of the body, including the face, arms, legs, back, and bikini area. Small treatment areas can be handled over your lunch while larger areas may require a longer treatment time.

If you want to treat yourself, give the beauty experts at The Spa at Proffer Surgical Associates in Amarillo a call. We offer all of these lunch time services and can schedule an appointment for you today.


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