9 Creative Gift Ideas For Grads

Posted by Dr. Patrick Proffer on May 22, 2018

It’s that time of year again. June is on the horizon, and that means one thing: graduation.

Graduation is an exciting part of a young adult’s life as they reach the pinnacle of their academic career. The graduate preparing to head off to college or to say goodbye to the classroom and enter adulthood. They’re there. They’ve made it. Now, it’s time for you to share in their excitement and celebrate their accomplishment.

graduation-spaAnd what better way to show them you care than with a thoughtful, unique gift? In celebration of this laureate occasion, we’ve compiled a list of 9 creative gift ideas for the graduate in your life. These gifts will be perfect for any graduate, whether they’re ready to jump into the workforce or hoping to enjoy their remaining free time to the fullest.

  1. Travel Bag - One traditional rite of passage for many college graduates is travel –– the chance to escape the confines of lecture halls, bad lighting, and questionable nutrition choices and take the time to explore the world. Set your graduate up to travel in style with a well-appointed leather travel bag. Convenient, classy, and durable, a travel bag will be one gift the graduate will use for years to come.
  2. Gym Membership - Whether your graduate is still struggling with the “freshman 15” or looking to get fit before hiking across lava fields, a gym membership is just the gift to keep them healthy and happy long after they cross the stage.
  3. Bluetooth Headphones - Convenient, economical, and all the rage, Bluetooth headphones can be incredibly handy when traveling or working out. Help your graduate cut the wires and let go of yesterday’s earbuds. Give them the gift of unencumbered enjoyment!
  4. Digital Camera - Is your graduate creative? Do they like to document things? Then why not get them a camera? Not a cell phone, but a real, grown-up, digital camera – the perfect gift for stepping out into their new, post-academic life.
  5. Leather-Bound Journal – Did you know journaling is making a comeback? It’s true! And, when people travel, they are more likely to disconnect digitally for longer periods of time. Help your graduate document their post-academic life, explorations, and thoughts in a leather-bound journal. Bonus: Journals can be monogrammed or personalized with initials, names, and even graduation dates.
  6. Tech-Travel Case – A must have for any graduate who plans on traveling abroad. These leather cases, like this one from Stow, come with an international adapter set, memory stick, and can also be personalized.
  7. Skincare Products – Whether they’re graduating from high school or college, most grads are short on cash. Luxury skincare products and treatments are usually the first thing to go when they’re low on money. You can help them protect their skin with high quality, medical grade skincare products such as moisturizers, eye creams, and sunscreen.
  8. Smart Watch – Give the gift of connectivity! Smart watches can help your graduate keep track of their fitness, stay connected through social media, text, and email alerts, and keep them on time with built in alarm technology. Some even have Google maps built in so they’ll never get lost while out exploring. Bonus: purchase your graduate a Bluetooth enabled smart watch like this one from Fossil and they can sync up that new Bluetooth headphone!
  9. A Day At The Spa – Give the gift of pampering. Whether your graduate is preparing for a trip, coming home from abroad, or just in need of some celebratory “me” time, a spa treatment can be exactly the gift they need to cap off their extraordinary achievement. The Spa at Proffer Surgical offers luxury treatments including massage, laser procedures, waxing, skin therapies, facials, and so much more.

Adult life is an adventure, but it can also be stressful. Your graduate has spent more than their fair share of time in the company of stress inducing syllabi and finals and trapped in the harsh glare of computer monitors and laptops –– all of which can have a negative effect on inner calm and skin appearance.

The Spa at Proffer Surgical Associates in Amarillo can help ensure your graduate has a head start on getting their stress levels lowered and their skin healthy –– and keeping it that way. Stop by The Spa in Amarillo to learn more or contact us to set an appointment today.

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