The Holidays Are Best Time To Schedule A Breast Augmentation Consultation

Posted by Dr. Patrick Proffer on November 5, 2019

When the end of the year rolls around, there’s a lot more going on than just holiday parties and get-togethers. Many people take a little extra time to reflect and get their internal ‘houses’ in order to prepare for a new year.

Many people also take this opportunity to give back to themselves and reach their body goals: a smaller dress size, a better workout routine, healthier eating, and even having a bustier chest.

Although the holidays aren’t something you often associate with breast enhancements, there’s no better time to research and schedule a breast augmentation consultation. Here’s why.



What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a blanket term for procedures that restore breast volume, shape, and/or symmetry.

By far the most common body contouring procedure, breast augmentation procedures have evolved to offer more options, better innovations, and more advanced surgical techniques so you can achieve a more natural look. As a result, requests for breast augmentations have increased since 2016 with over 300,000 procedures performed in 2017, a figure that’s up 3 percent.

Also referred to as augmentation mammoplasty, this popular body contouring procedure can:

  • Increase the fullness and shape of your breasts
  • Create even proportions and balance between both breasts
  • Create an overall symmetry between breasts and hip contours
  • Enhance your self-image and self-confidence

How Is Breast Augmentation Achieved?

The most common breast augmentation procedure uses implants to achieve a rounder, fuller effect.

For this procedure, a number of different breast implant options are available to achieve the optimal results you’re looking for, including:woman-hat-flannel-fall-breast-augmentation

  • Saline implants
  • Structured saline implants
  • Round implants
  • Smooth implants
  • And more

The Holidays Are A Great Time To Schedule A Consultation

During the holidays, you’re rushing around, preparing food for friends and family, shopping for loved ones, and putting presents under the tree. You probably rarely stop and consider your own “wish list” and the possibility of giving yourself an item from that list.

If one of your wishes is to restore your breasts appearance after weight loss or pregnancy, achieve a more asymmetrical shape, or even just enhance your breasts size, now is the perfect time to schedule a consultation. With school vacations coming up, and all those vacation days that need to be used before the end of the year, you’ll have plenty of time to meet with a skilled surgeon and discuss your option.

Breast Implants Are More Cost Effective Than You Might Think

Over the past several years, breast augmentation costs have decreased. Since 2017 the cost of breast augmentation has decreased around 3 percent. It’s important to remember that, depending on the candidate, these costs can vary.

Financial assistance is also available through CareCredit Healthcare Financing. Once you receive credit approval through CareCredit, you can use your credit line to help pay for treatments and procedures not covered by insurance. This allows you to make health, wellness, and beauty decisions that might otherwise be put off.

Don’t waste another year waiting and wishing you’d made the decision to have your breast augmentation done earlier. Take advantage of unused vacation days and school breaks, get financing through CareCredit, and give yourself the gift of a stronger self-image and confidence this holiday season.

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