Doctor Spotlight: Meet Liana Proffer

Posted by Dr. Patrick Proffer on November 1, 2016

LianaProffer.jpgSeptember marked 10 years in business for Proffer Surgical Associates. From a small office in MediPark to the WHA building to a free-standing, specially designed facility, we’ve grown a lot in a decade!

Since Sept. 16, 2006, Proffer Surgical Associates has opened the Spa, expanded into cosmetics and skin care, added laser treatments to the services menu and served 30,000 patients. But there are a few things — and people  — that have remained the same over the years.

Get to know: Dr. Liana Proffer

Board certified by the AAD, Dr. Liana Proffer has one thing no other physician in Amarillo has — Mohs surgery fellowship training. Mohs surgery is a micrographically controlled skin cancer treatment that has been found to produce a cure rate of up to 99 percent in specific cancerous tumors. This method provides patients with the most precise cancer tissue removal while preserving more healthy tissue than alternative treatment procedures.

Dr. Liana has obtained the highest level of Mohs surgery qualification by completing a fellowship approved by the American College of Mohs Surgery (ACMS), an institution that was personally established by Dr. Frederic Mohs.

While several physicians are jumping onboard the Mohs surgery ship, not all receive the same level of training Dr. Liana possesses. This is because the ACMS fellowship program is very selective, allowing in only those participants who pass the extensive application and interview process. Dr. Liana not only got accepted into the fellowship program but also underwent the rigorous training required to complete the ACMS fellowship.

For patients, Dr. Liana’s training and experience allows her to strive to provide the best care available in the Amarillo area. Her practice is focused on the surgical treatment of skin cancer. She truly appreciates getting to know her patients and the surgical challenges they pose.

In her spare time, Dr. Liana rigorously enjoys tennis, likes to decorate and organize, and being a mom.

Dr. Liana would like to thank her staff that “makes my job more about patient care than business and administration.”

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