What Is miraDry?

Posted by Dr. Patrick Proffer on July 27, 2021

woman-shaving-under-arms-smoothmiraDry can effectively treat excessive or inconvenient sweating for individuals who haven’t had success with other sweat control methods, such as  prescription-strength antiperspirants, anticholinergic medications, or Botox injections.

Unlike other methods, miraDry is a permanent solution. Patients see less sweat production almost immediately after the procedure.

How Does miraDry Work?

miraDry uses precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to destroy sweat glands in the treatment area. Once destroyed, these microscopic glands cannot grow back. This procedure is non-invasive; there is no cutting involved whatsoever!

In just one treatment, miraDry:

  • Gets rid of unwanted hair
  • Removes odor
  • Prevents excess sweating
  • Works on all skin types and hair colors

A local anesthetic is injected to numb the underarm area prior to treatment, keeping the procedure as painless as possible. Your clinician uses a handpiece to suction the area. This brings the glands closer to the surface and allows for maximum results. The miraWave energy will be emitted, eradicating the sweat glands and at the same time a cooling sensation is applied to protect the skin.

The treatment itself generally takes only one hour. The patient may experience swelling and localized discomfort for a few days after treatment.

Most patients see dramatic results after one treatment. 

Where Can miraDry Be Applied?

miraDry is the only FDA-approved treatment that provides a lasting reduction of underarm sweat in a non-invasive way. Currently, miraDry treatments have not been approved for other areas of the body.

If you have been dealing with inconvenient sweating and want to find a permanent solution, talk with the experts at Proffer Surgical Associates in Amarillo.

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