Is Breast Augmentation Worth It? Real Patients Share Their Story

Posted by Dr. Patrick Proffer on September 28, 2021

Breast augmentation is about creating balance and beauty for many patients.

Few things are more important than the way we see ourselves. Although we care about the way others see us, the way we feel when we look in the mirror is even more important. On top of making you more confident, a healthy self-image creates good relationships, good quality of life, and good mental health.  

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It's no surprise then that many women choose breast augmentation if they're unhappy with the size and shape of their breasts. But even if you’re unhappy with your chest, you may still be hesitant to have surgery to get it fixed. After all, breast augmentation is a big decision.  that's driven by a need to feel positive and wipe away lingering insecurities.  

Many of our patients worry about three things: safety, results, and costs. You might find yourself wondering if it’s worth the trouble in the first place. But in our experience, women who go through breast augmentation almost always agree that losing that lingering insecurity is well worth the investment.

But you shouldn’t take our word for it. Below, we share stories from anonymous women who have had breast augmentation surgery. Their stories will tell you what to expect from the treatment, the results, and the investment as a whole. 


“Wanting This Since 7th Grade"

A 32-year-old woman who admits she's “wanted to have more full breasts since around the 7th grade” went into the process clear-eyed. She immediately knew that her surgeon was the man she wanted to do the procedure with, so she scheduled a pre-op appointment. 

She met with the surgeon and his nurse and got herself ready for her surgery the following week.  

“My surgeon has promised to do what he can to put my breasts close without compromising my nipple placement or causing any other deformities. I'm excited/nervous/anxious/scared and all of those similar words.” 

In the meantime, the mother of two researched different breast weight diameter (BWD) sizes and implant types. She talked to her doctor and nurse regularly before the surgery. 

Even though she had been told what to expect, the night before, she “was a nervous wreck.” So she called her surgeon’s office for their support.  

“My nurse is so patient, kind, and understanding, as well as informative....I'm still so happy I found and choose [their] office.”   

Her surgery—and recovery—went better than she had expected. She noted that “The pros by far have outweighed the cons, even in the recovery stage.”  By the end of one month of post-op, she shared these final thoughts:

“The amount of confidence I have in tops, dresses, and swimwear is amazing. I bought a low cut bodycon dress and my first ever adult one piece swimsuit, and for the first time since childhood, I love my body.”

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“I Kept Going Back And Forth For The Longest Time”

One woman went into surgery for 420cc implants. She interviewed several doctors before deciding upon her surgeon. There was a lot of discussion, and even after deciding upon 420cc implants, she was still unsure.  

“I am nervous about the ultimate outcome with an extra high profile. I am not a small woman, broad shoulders.”    

Her doctor decided during surgery that the extra high-profile implants would be more suitable than the high-profile variety. Here’s what happened next. 

“So, I was skeptical. I was so nervous about extra high profile. Apparently, my body can handle it. But, I am starting to LOVE these... Still not compression/bras for another 4 weeks, but I am definitely trusting the process at this point.”

By the time she was at the three-week mark, she had less pain and her implants had dropped.  When she'd reached the three-month post-op mark she said:

“I kept going back and forth for the longest time about how I felt about my new breasts. I am now in LOVE.” 

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“The Day Of Surgery Was Pretty Smooth”

Another woman had plenty of size but struggled with her breasts being asymmetric. So she talked to a surgeon and had breast augmentation. Her surgery went well, and her breasts went from a 32DD to a 38DD. 

“I was nervous but the anesthesia knocked me out within minutes! It wasn't as bad as most people said it would be.” 

She received two different-sized implants in the right and left breasts to help with the symmetry, a 525cc and 550cc. After recovery and post-op she was pleased with her results.  

“Advice is if u want your breasts done DO IT! IT IS SOO WORTH IT. If u do decide to do it, get plenty of rest! Take someone with u that u can definitely depend on to help u.”

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“I Think They Turned Out Perfect!”

A mother of three decided to go from an 'A' to a 'C' cup. Earlier in her life, she'd breastfed her children and said her breasts appeared even smaller after nursing. It was something that always bothered her.

In preparation for surgery, she had her consultation and decided to get 415cc implants. She booked her surgery ten days in advance. 

While she waited, she used simulation apps to get a sense of what her results would be. She kept in contact with her surgeon and his staff. After her surgery, she had some soreness and tightness, but she liked her results from the very start.  

“Got my first peek this morning and I am in love already.  I got Natrelle soft touch/ 415 cc on the left and 450cc on the right.”  

The woman said her surgical experience was “nothing short of incredible”. She recovered smoothly, sleeping well most nights. Her implants began to settle. Within a week she said she was “obsessed with the results”. Twenty-six days into post-op, she said:

“I’ve always dreaded wearing a swimsuit unless it was padded and push-up. But now even in an unlined top I feel beautiful.”  

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Worth It?

The answer from the women surveyed here is clear: yes! They absolutely feel the cost and time were worth the augmentation procedure. Each of the women came away with a better feeling about their appearance and how they looked to the rest of the world. They all spoke with confidence and have a bright outlook on the future.  

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Don’t let the size, shape, or symmetry of your chest keep you from feeling confident in your own skin. If you think breast augmentation could be right for you, schedule a consultation now. Our compassionate team would love to help you find the best treatment for your body, so you can love the way you look every day.

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