Why Should You Use Compression Garments After Surgery?

Posted by Dr. Patrick Proffer on April 25, 2017

woman-outting-on-compression-socksCompression garments aid in a smooth recovery process after surgical procedures. Made of elastic material and cloth to facilitate a tight (but not constrictive) fit, compression garments ensure that specific body areas receive constant, uniform pressure. These garments are sized to fit the contours of your body and for the type of surgery that you underwent.


They Promote Healing
The body responds to surgical procedures by sending fluid to the site of the surgery. The result is swelling. The use of a compression garment reduces the amount of fluid buildup, which means less swelling.

They Prevent Bruising
Along with swelling, bruising is common at surgical sites. For example, liposuction can disrupt blood vessels as the cannula has to pass through subcutaneous tissue. This causes bruising. Compression garments reduce the likelihood of bruises by keeping red blood cells from percolating toward the epidermis.

They Minimize Scarring
Compression garments hold the site of the surgery together and provide stability. They hold the skin to the recently contoured areas and allow the wound to heal while limiting the extent of scarring.

They Reduce Infections
Compression garments enclose the site of the surgery, thus keeping contaminants away from the wound.


You will go through three stages of recovery after a procedure; compression garments are available for each stage.

The First Stage
On average, you’ll wear compression garments in the first stage for four weeks after your surgery. You should wear this garment at all times, except to bathe. After showering, you should put it on again immediately.

The Second Stage
This stage starts about three or four weeks after surgery. At this point, your body will not create as much fluid at the surgery site. As a result, you can limit the amount of time that you wear compression garments. The second stage may last up to four weeks.

The Third Stage
During this stage, your body's new contours will be more noticeable. While each individual heals at a different rate, postoperative swelling can last as long as three months; it may still be necessary to wear compression garments. Some patients even choose to wear compression garments permanently. While this may not be absolutely necessary, correctly fitted garments will be comfortable enough to become a regular part of your wardrobe.

If you would like more information about compression garments and how they can help you to recover from your surgery, contact us at Proffer Surgical Associates in Amarillo.

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