Will Breast Augmentation Address Armpit Fat, Too?

Posted by Dr. Patrick Proffer on September 21, 2021

Attaining an overall look that works perfectly during swimsuit and tank top season isn't as difficult as you may think. How is it done? Through a combination of breast augmentation surgery and liposuction

While breast augmentation surgery produces desired results, many women are still left with a bit of fat between their bra band area and under arm. It's the kind of fat that always shows up in photos and, worse, it tends to be resistant to diet and exercise.

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Moreover, in some cases, it's not fat at all but additional breast tissue that's also diet- and exercise-resistant. But liposuction that's done at the same time as breast augmentation gets rid of excess fat and tissue and creates a nice definition of the side boundary of the breast.

What Are Axillary Fat Pads?

Anterior axillary fat pads, which are located on the chest just in front of the armpit, become more prominent with age (even in thinner women) and tend to fluctuate with body weight. Posterior axillary fat pads are located behind the armpit on the side of the back and can also present cosmetic issues for many women.

Adding liposuction to breast augmentation doesn't increase the risks or complexity of the surgery. In some cases, there may be more bruising or swelling, but these effects are temporary.

How Is It done?

There are a variety of surgical solutions for removing axillary fat pads suction using SAFELipo. The surgeon uses specialized cannula and dissectors to emulsify, loosen, and separate fat through a tube known as a cannula. SAFELipo eliminates unnecessary intrusion while keeping surrounding tissues intact.

After the unwanted fat is removed, the surgeon completes the procedure by equalizing the remaining fat layer into an even layer. This buffers the surgery site from the outlying skin and prevents it from adhering to the tissue beneath. The result is a smooth appearance that's free of dimples or other irregularities and imperfections that are seen with other types of liposuction.

Because of the gentle nature of SAFELipo, scarring is reduced, and a healthy body of tissue will blanket the area. Recovery time is six weeks to three months but final results can take up to nine months to a year.

Proffer Surgical Associates in Amarillo offers a variety of cosmetic procedures, including SAFELipo liposuction and breast augmentation. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your desires with Dr. Proffer and his team.

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