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The Benefits Of Liposuction

You’ve done all the hard work, exercising like a maniac and restricting your diet, but when you look in the mirror, it’s still there, taunting you. Whatever your “problem area” may be — hips, thighs, the lower-abdominal pooch — you can’t seem to make it go away. You’re frustrated and feel like you’re out of options.

As a healthcare advocate, owner of Matrix Age Management, and an avid exercise enthusiast, Dr. Patrick Proffer understands wanting to feel and look your best. As a medical doctor, he also understands a variety of factors (genetics being a main culprit) make dissolving some problem areas impossible.

When you’ve reached an ideal weight and live a healthy lifestyle, but still struggle to target those specific areas, liposuction can help you achieve the sculpted look you’ve been after for so long.

At Proffer Surgical Associates, we use SAFELipo®, a comprehensive body contouring process that delivers smoother, more natural contours than traditional liposuction. Because SAFELipo® patients experience fewer complications and claim the procedure is much gentler on the body, it’s perfect for active patients who can’t afford a lengthy downtime.

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Follow Our 3-Step Plan

Board certified with decades of experience and coupled with continued education, Dr. Patrick Proffer and his staff understand you have many questions and concerns.


Speak With Dr Proffer

Sit down with Dr. Proffer and speak to him about your expectations so he can tailor a solution that perfect for you. At the consultation, you’ll meet the entire team, learn about pre- and post-operative care, receive an all-inclusive quote, and review the many convenient ways to pay for your procedure.


Begin Your Transformation

Proffer Surgical Associates takes great pride in the support and education we provide our patients, making ourselves available from the moment you step into the consultation room, all follow-up appointments, and thereafter. No question or concern is too small for us to address!


Look & Feel Better

You have an ideal look in mind, and our goal is to assist you in achieving that! We know this transformation isn't just physical; there’s an emotional component to your decision, as well. Let us help you display the work you’ve already put in and reveal your inner confidence.

Look And Feel Your Best!

Schedule a consultation and begin your transformation.

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Download “5 Things To Know About Liposuction” and visit our FAQ page.