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Can miraDry Reduce Underarm Sweat?

MiraDry-MachinePictureIf you suffer from excessive underarm sweating, you may have resorted to prescription-strength antiperspirant or Botox injections. You may have also changed your workout routine, adjusted your wardrobe or even gone as far as altering your diet. While these options may be successful for some, many people often find results are temporary.

Another alternative is miraDry, a device that radiates wavelength energy to sweat glands, ultimately destroying them and disabling sweat production. It is clinically proven and the only FDA-cleared non-invasive procedure that provides lasting reduction of underarm perspiration.

Proffer Surgical Associates offers miraDry. The outpatient procedure is safe and easy, and performed at the offices at Proffer Surgical. The procedure does not involve cuts or incisions. Proffer Surgical is one of the only certified providers of miraDry in the area.

Schedule a miraDry consultation for $100. The entire cost of the consultation goes toward the price of the procedure, should you elect to have it. 

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Questions About MiraDry?

An FDA-approved solution to excessive underarm sweating.

Questions about miraDry?