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As we age and our bodies change, gravity, pregnancy and life can take its toll on women's breasts. Breast lift surgery can help restore breasts to a more youthful, perky position.

We will help you decide on the type of surgery that is best for your needs. After a breast lift, your breasts will be positioned higher on the chest with the nipples in a more youthful location. If you decide to have breast implants with your breast lift, then your breasts will be fuller, as well as perkier.

Breast reduction may be a better option for patients who want a more manageable breast size or those who suffer from back and neck pain related to large breasts.

We will assist you in determining whether breast lift surgery is right for you during a detailed evaluation and consultation with Dr. Proffer.

Breast lift surgery is usually an outpatient procedure and is performed under general anesthesia.

The nipple and areola are repositioned, the excess skin is trimmed away and the breast is internally reshaped with a pleasing contour in a more normal position.

Dr. Proffer may or may not insert breast implants depending on your preferences on breast size and shape.

If you do choose breast implants, they are placed through the same incisions made for the breast lift. To learn more about breast lift surgery, contact Proffer Surgical Associates to schedule a consultation.


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