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Gynecomastia is the abnormal enlargement of breast tissue in adult males and boys. It is a benign condition that results from hormone imbalance, but there are other causes. In most cases, no amount of diet and exercise can permanently reduce the appearance of breasts.

Whether you are 12 years old, 30 or 50, living with gynecomastia can be a daily struggle for men and teen boys. Taking off their shirts in front of others and trying to hide their oversized breasts with thick clothing can take a great toll, mentally and emotionally. Not only can male breasts be embarrassing, but they can also cause back and neck strain.

Gynecomastia surgery can correct male breasts and create a natural looking male chest. Male breast reduction surgery can also improve your overall confidence and give you the courage you need to be yourself in a social setting.

Liposuction is often the preferred method, but depending on your health and amount of excess skin, excisional treatment may be necessary. During your initial consultation, Dr. Proffer will discuss your options, inform you of what to expect and be able to determine which type of surgical procedure is most appropriate for you. To set up a consultation to discuss gynecomastia surgery, contact Proffer Surgical Associates today.

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